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Hello there, I am sfemat and I'm a software developer. Yeah, I know it's a bit generic but I think it's the best way to describe what I like to do.

I really enjoy creating innovative mobile apps, games or Desktop software from a little project or a scratch one. In my short career I've already contributed to some successful ones, and some will be it in the near future!

Latest Projects

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Paladins Soundboard - For real fans only

Paladins Soundboard is a fan made app based on the voices of Paladins. Bring your favorite champions of the Realm in your pocket and listen to their voices from your tablet or smartphone whenever you want, even offline!

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eKard - Designed for everyone

Everyone can now create an electronic card without signup with a fast and easy interface. The project is open source on Github.

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Other Projects

Poker in Java

This is a work in progress classroom project. My small team is actually developing the Tutorial part of the game.

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Il Tortellante

This is a finished school project for Il Tortellante association. My team managed to build well this website without any experience on Bootstrap.

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Work Experience

Arduino Developer - Eurosoft Consulting srl (May 2018 - June 2018)

Work placement inside this little company. I learned how to code an Arduino and how to use some wifi modules by trying and of course failing many times.

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